Graduate Research Scholars Retreat

Participate in Louisiana SeaGrant GRS in which we took graduate students from Louisiana Universities around the state to learn how to communicate their science and understand how their research can impact the Louisiana economy and policy.

Science Distilled 

In the fall of 2017 with the support of friends and my department we started a monthly outreach program called Science Distilled.  The name comes from the fact that the programs were taking place at a local distillery.  Now we are branching out to other businesses and teaming up with local organizations to continue to bring science to the public.  Future outreach programs will be advertised on our Facebook Page.

Past programs involved introducing  invasive species, deep sea research and gluten.

Course Blogs

In many of my courses I have students blog either about guest speakers and topics discussed or peer reviewed articles. This is an important exercise to help students learn to communicate difficult scientific topics for the general public.

Here are two of the blogs from:

Biology 560 Environmental Regulation Law and Policy workshop Biology 560

Biology 441 Cell and Molecular Biology Lab Biology 441