MS Student Positions at Nicholls State


I am looking to fill two possible positions in my lab both of which would start Summer/Fall 2018.   If you are interested in earning a Master’s Degree in Marine and Environmental  Science at Nicholls States check out this official advertisement.

My first position involves researching the microbial populations isolated from sediments cored in the Gulf of Mexico and coastline of SE Louisiana.  This is a new area of research for me but we will be in collaboration with the amazing Dr. Marshall Bowles at LUMCON.  You will be spending the school year on the NSU campus doing basic microbiology work and TA-ing and spending your summers in Dr. Bowles lab 22 miles away at LUMCON.  We are both  interested in the microorganisms that occupy various parts of the sediment and the biochemical reactions that are taking place. Ultimately my personal interests are in identifying pathogens and antibiotic resistance organisms.  Dr. Bowles is most interested in the biogeochemical reactions taking place in the sediment and organisms involved.  We would prefer a student with a strong chemistry and microbiology background.


The other position that may get filled next year is in partnership with Dr. Craig McClain who is also at LUMCON.  This position would involve his current research in identifying the microbial and invertebrate populations of wood falls in the Gulf of Mexico.  Again you would do basic laboratory work on Nicholls campus during the school year and spend your summer in the McClain Lab down at LUMCON over the summers.

Wood Fall 

Applicants need to have a valid driver’s license since you will be commuting between labs, have a strong undergraduate research background and a minimum 3.0 GPA and 300  GRE score.

What I am looking for in a student and the type of mentor I am:

I am looking for a student with a strong work ethic who can keep up with a vigorous course work load and research schedule. Students are expected to TA (teaching assistant)  our introduction biology labs for majors and be able to communicate to both me and the other committee members.  If you hate teaching this is NOT the program for you.

I am the type of mentor who will keep you on schedule and work side by side in the lab with you at the beginning  of your project but will give you, your needed independence once we find our research mojo.  I hold weekly informal lab meetings and expect to be kept abreast of research findings or failed experiments in a timely manner.  I ultimately want you to publish multiple manuscripts and will help you achieve your professional goals.

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