Do I really need a picture on my LinkedIn Profile?

businessman-paper-bag-over-head-25459108YES! Not having a profile picture on your LinkedIn profile is like walking into a networking event wearing a paper bag over your head.


Other people on LinkedIn may not take your profile seriously unless you have a photograph.

It puts people at ease when they have a visual associated with the connection.

Your photograph also will help individuals in your network recognize you in real life if you attend the same conference, meeting, or networking event.


It’s also important that you have the RIGHT photograph.

Your LinkedIn profile, including your photograph, is part of your professional brand. It’s best to use a headshot in which you are wearing professional clothing


Some other hints and tips:

  • Caricatures and/or your company name or logo are not recommended.
  • Unless you are a professional winemaker, distiller, or brewmaster, it is not recommended that your LinkedIn profile picture include an alcoholic beverage. (And yes, that also means no solo cups!)
  • You should abstain from wearing hats (unless you are a hat designer), sunglasses, or shirts with obscene or controversial logos in the photograph.
  • No graduation or marriage pictures – those make you seem young and inexperienced
  • Avoid wearing religious jewelry in the picture
  • Pictures of ONLY you
Poor profile pictures (left) versus good profile pictures (right)



For more information see 10 examples of terrible LinkedIn Photos


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