Surprise twists and turns

These past 6 months have been NUTS hence the lack of action on my site but due to some major changes this site is about to get re-vamped

Surprise twists and turns

  • We are NOT moving….yep got bamboozled by Uncle Sam BIG TIME. I wrote earlier that I was resigning from my unicorn assistant professor position at a PUI due to my spouse getting orders to move.  Those orders were drastically changed last minute in January. After resigning we found out we were staying in the same unit. My spouse will be taking a very different position from his former job but staying in the EXACT SAME UNIT. 
  • My son arrived early. He was healthy I had the exact labor and delivery I wanted this time. My water broke at midnight and I drove myself to the ER (dad had to stay home with kiddo until daycare opened). I labored for 12 hours to jock jams and delivered an 8lb 3oz baby. Mom of 2 coming through…it is insane but fun. 
  • I interviewed for three different positions at three different institutions  all 2-3 weeks after my son was born. THANK GOD for video conferencing software, a spouse who was on paternity leave to care for our son while I video interviewed/gave teaching demonstrations and strong under eye conceler, maternity leggings and oversized button down blouses. 
  • I am applying for grants like it’s going out of style and just found out one is funded!!! That will be its own blog post. Funny… I quit my job and then everyone wants to write grant 

The biggest news of all…I am changing departments at my PUI!  

Some old school academics may think I am committing career suicide, but I think this is what needed to happen. I love science, microbiology and molecular biology. I am a pipetting Rockstar who loves teaching cellular pathways and how to NOT get communicable diseases. 

But I also love exploring how we can teach science better, use my classes as giant pedagogy experiments, and understand how we can make HANDS ON science educations accessible to all K-12 students.  

Therefore, I am starting this fall as an assistant professor in the department of teacher education. This blog will focus more and more on STEM pedagogy and the various innovations we try and evaluate in the K-12 classroom.  

Best part of my new gig: I get to stay at a school I love with students who are amazing AND I negotiated using my time in the Biology Dept towards Tenure. So off to a new adventure where I will learn a ton and help K-12 teachers become better STEM educators.


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